Oct 9, 2010

Well it is no Baby Elmo it is a.....

Its official we are going to be getting a new little addition to the Hanks home around March 7th. We are glad to clarify now that it really isn't and Elmo as Emree has told everyone, we are have a BOY!!! Travis is so excited and I am excited as well. Now i just have to figure out how to make Ems small pink and brown poka dot room to look boyish also. It is going to be fun. Trav just keeps saying can you believe we are going to have two kids. It is crazy, but Emree will be glad to have a little playmate. The ultrasound tech was funny she finally said well i am pretty sure i know what it is but i want to get ya a better picture of the little turtle. Travs face was so cute. He was excited. He is a busy little boy, he moved the whole time so fast. Now the fun begins, buying boy stuff and thinking of boy names. We don't have a name we absolutely love. Trav keeps coming up with names and says that sounds like a tuff boy, and i haven't loved any of them so we will be doing some searching. Emree is really into babies and is of course very helpful. I am getting her all practiced up so she can be a good big sister. She is going to do great. We are really enjoying every minute of her and all the funny things she say and does. This week at her 18 month checkup she was 5% for weight and 7% for height. She is a tiny little smart, sassy girl. I also kept telling Travis you don't need a boy Emree loves all the stuff that a little boy will. She loves hunting and farming. She was way into grain harvest, and potato harvest was even better. She got to ride in tractors and trucks. She would even help me grab vines out of the potatoes and throw them on the ground. She loved it and would ask as soon as she woke up, "tractor peass". She was so dirty and loved every minute of it. OK so i will stop this post is getting long. Just wanted to share our exciting news.


Lindsey and Bobby Martinez! said...

That's sooo exciting!!!
I'm so happy for you two. I had no idea you were pregnant! But boys are a blast! We might be moving back to Idaho so if we do emree can have another playmate!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Sid and Kelli said...

Congrats on having a baby and also that it is a boy. It is fun to have both. You look dang good for already being far along enough to know what you are having! Good Luck!

Nicole Beeton said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!

the h fam said...

hailee hess hanks i KNEW IT!!! did i not?! so excited for you guys! can't believe how little ems is, oh wait, i can, look at her mom!! congrats GUUURRRL!

Mandi said...

I am extremely glad you are not giving birth to Elmo whereas that would be slightly weird! Congrats!!

Brittney said...

So excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!

Our family blog is:


Mikey & Melissa said...

Well I'm relieved to hear that you aren't having an elmo. That could have been a little awkward:). I'm so happy for you. Love you guys!
Oh and Emree is the cutest, most petite farm girl. She'll be an awesome big sis.

Ryan and GeAnna said...

Congrats!! Little boys are so much fun. Emree is a cutie!

johnandjana said...

That is awesome. Have your babies while you are young so that you can enjoy all the fun things with them. Way to go Trav having a boy.

The Shaw's said...

Oh I am so excited for your family! He is going to be one lucky little guy...

Tyler and Jill said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the little man. His side profile looks very cute though!

Angie said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I'm so excited for you and yet so mad that I am just NOW finding out. But congratulations! Little boys are awesome and you will love it. I can't wait. How are you feeling?

jayne said...

Congratulations! How fun to have one of each!

Holley Sommers said...

SOOOO excited for you! 2 is fun and Emree will be a great big sister. We'll have to get together soon before we move. I'll call you soon.

The Rigby Bunch said...

We're so excited for you guys to be having another little one and a boy to boot!! Yaayyy!!!

Brett and Tiffany said...

I am excited for your family! Before you know it you will have 4! Time flies! Emree will love having a baby brother!

The Kelly's said...

Congrats on the second part of your puzzle! Our little ones are close! Our third is due Feb. 25th and it is a girl!!!! You will love having a boy, my two boys are so much fun!!

jeepnfamily said...

Oh Hailee, I am so excited for you guys. Your little Emree is such a doll. I bet your mom and dad are so happy to have all these darling little ones around. I just found out via facebook that Mike and Cecilia had another. I'm so behind on the times. Does Beth blog anymore? As you can see I have a new blog, but no new updates due to camera difficulties. Well hope to see ya sometime. We might be going to Malad for Thanksgiving.
Love, Hilarie
Good luck with everything.

vandi said...

Congratulations Hailee! I'm so excited for you guys: ) Emree will be such a good big sister. BTW, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. You guys better watch our, she's going to be a heart breaker: )

We still need to get together. I think about it all the time! Seriously, I'm going to organize something....soon.

meagan said...

how fun to have both genders! congrats guys!

Josh & Kiri said...

HAILEE!!! You have a blog! I am glad I found it!! How are you guys doing!?


the h fam. said...

i think this blog needs a serious update!!!! miss your posts!

Bren + Lucy said...

So much time to re-connect with you

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Inspired and lovely

Gotta love him!

Gotta love him!

What a guy

What a guy
My dad is giving my mom a pedicure while we are in bear lake. It was so funny he was a perfectionist.

Beth and the kids

Beth and the kids
Beth, Bridger, and Brynlee all came up and spent a few days with trav and i. It was so fun. Trav and i took them to see the ducks and they loved it!

Provo, UT Temple

Provo, UT Temple
Trav and I went to Provo to Trav's mission buddys wedding. It was beautiful. And yes Trav is wearing a Lime green shirt. He was a groomsmen. So cute!

Egin Sunset

Egin Sunset
My mom, Ceclia, and Tatum came up to visit Trav and I. It was so fun to have them and of course send some time with Tatum, she is so cute!!

Brittney, Heather, and I standing outside the Bountiful temple. Heather and Skyler went through and were sealed. It was so neat to be there, I am so excited for them, the temple is an amazing thing to have apart of our life.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!

I couldn't believe that we have really been married one year already. Trav and I decided to save some money and just do something close to home, and save and do a trip or whatever later. I just waited to see what he would plan and he was hoping i would do it of course. So we both went to work on Monday, July 21st, and when i got home he came in from the farm and said get ready we are going to eat. It was so fun we went up to Island Park (which is the same distance as going to Idaho Falls but much prettier) and ate dinner at the Trout Hunter. It was so good, we recommed it. Then Trav took me on a tour to see some of the cabins he helped wire this winter, which was good to finally see where all those late nights were spent. Then we took the Mesa Falls way home. What a beautiful night. The falls were so green and beautiful and the sunset was amazing over the farm fields and mountains. It was so nice to just spend some quality time together and not focusing on work or other stresses. The other pictures are of the day before. My mom bless her heart saved the top of our wedding cake and brought it up to us. So we popped open a little bubbly and enjoyed some of that yummy cake that we only got one bite of on our wedding day. It was so fun, and Trav was sick after, either because he ate so much or because it was a year old.
What a wonderful 1st year it has been. I love Trav so much more each day and look forward to celebrate many more years. And all those people that told us the 1st year was the hardest well i hope you are right, because if that is true then i look forward to the rest, because i loved every minute we have had together. Travis is so good to me, and works so hard at everything he does. Marriage has created in me a larger appreciation and understanding for our Heavenly Fathers love for us, because of the plan that he has created for us to be together forever. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

Trout Hunter Restaurant in Island Park

Trout Hunter Restaurant in Island Park

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls

Enjoying a little bubbly with our one year old wedding cake

Enjoying a little bubbly with our one year old wedding cake

The Cake

The Cake

Travis really enjoyed the cake, as you can tell.

Travis really enjoyed the cake, as you can tell.